Vacation Property Services, Home Maintenance

Casa da vacanzas tgira e pedel Val Lumnezia

Domestic servicing

We offer everything around your holiday home, your apartment. We cultivate, cherish outside and inside your jewel. We take all the necessary work during your absence. From the building technology, lawn care about the building maintenance up to necessary repairs.


In our own small workshop we enjoy working on the restoration of antique furniture. We search, buy and restore furniture, lamps, etc.

In our shop you will find various furnishings.


With pleasure we create an own homepage with its own URL with Jimdo for you. Together with you, we create the layout and content. Then we educate you in taking care of your homepage. You will then have the ability to maintain your website yourself.

Optimize costs

Keeping real estate is always linked to costs. To keep these costs as low as possible, we optimize the maintenance of their property for them. Flexible adjustment of the required work, results in demand righteous costs. You as owner choose the services to be provided and hence the cost.